Saturday, November 28, 2009

A few globe layouts (first, the hard way)

I got an email from a member of 2peasinabucket the other day, praising one of my globe layouts.  Wow, to think that something I made in 2003 would stand the test of time - pretty cool.  Since she asked me how I made the layout, I figured I'd post the original paper version and its instructions, then the digital version and its template.  I'll start first with the paper stuff since I haven't figured out how to get a 4-shared account yet, LOL.  Here's the first one I ever made, from my HOF entry 2004.

When Connor was a year old, I wanted to make summary pages for several months of activity.  At the time, I was a tax accountant and one of the magazines that was routinely on my desk was the Journal of International Taxation.  The cover of that magazine just happened to always have a globe overlay on its cover.  I knew I wanted to make it into a layout, but it took me a while to figure out how I'd do it.  Then the layout itself, well, by the time I did all of the work in PSE to make the template shapes, sized the photos, cut and assembled them, pretty darned near took forever.

First, I traced the globe from the magazine onto light tracing paper.

Then, I scanned the drawing and used PSE (1.0!) to make 1/4 of the scan a little larger than 6 inches in radius.

After I got it the size I wanted it, I printed out the 1/4-sized globe.  Next, I cut out the pieces out of paper and transparencies.  Finally, I used the transparencies to figure out how to size and cut my photos.

Before I glued anything down, I laid everything out to see how it was going to look.  And then FINALLY I glued everything down.  Whew!  It was kind of an "in" thing to have stuff hanging off of the edge of layouts back then, so I didn't trim down the edges of the globe that stuck off of the side of the layout.

What kind of insane person would take this many hours making a layout and then actually try doing it again?  That would be me.  Not only did I do it again, I had to up the ante for my MMM entry by cutting out all sorts of little Quickutz and stamped words to make my journaling unique.

I may be crazy enough to do this twice, but I wasn't crazy enough to do it a third time!

Next up, the digital versions...

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Deanna said...

Wow, you sure did it up good Nancy! I love your instructions here! :) The layout is adorable too.