Friday, November 13, 2009

Big-time Wrestling, Little Girl Style

Connor has always loved to wrestle with his dad; just last night they did a little Thursday Night Smackdown in the livingroom before bedtime.  Amazingly enough, the seven-year-old always wins, even though he's a good hundred pounds lighter than his opponent.  :-) 

For Makena, daddy-pouncing is a newer development.  She started plopping on him a couple of months ago, right about the time she learned how to say, "Aaaaah.....DEE!"  That's her version of one, two, three.  This layout shows her playing "Aaaaaah....DEE!" onto Clint while he's trying to nap.  It's hard to nap when a two-year-old is "Aaaah....DEEing" on your face, though.

All of the supplies for this layout are from After Five Designs.  The papers are from Au Bonheur des Dames and the elements are from Tickle Me Pink.

Happy Friday!

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