Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Photo of the day November 8: above and below

I have two photos of the day today. I was playing with the idea of shooting from above and from below the subject. I took this photo of my son while scrunched on the floor of his treehouse to get a shot from below his eye level. A few cheese crumbs on his face since we'd just finished a picnic up there, but still a decent photo for me. I took the photo of the raindrops on the monkey bars from inside the treehouse looking down; my more typical shots are from the ground looking up. It was a fun, albeit cold, play time outside for both of us.

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nic said...

hey nancy!
I thought I'd drop by your blog because i have been thinkin about ya! I love love love these 2 photos especially. the raindrops on monkey bars are amazing.

Hey - thinking about you, girl.
nic h