Monday, November 07, 2005

My first photos of the day.

November 1 Photo of the day: Little Einstein.

Connor is a Little Einstein fanatic. Today, he put his green chair in the center of an old round ball track from his toddlerhood and declared it his rocket, just like the rocket ship from the show. The ball track plays music, so with bubble-wand in hand as a baton, Connor merrily conducted music from his rocket, declaring "I'm Leo." I liked this photo because it's typical Connor, really true-to-life. I'll get better with my technical camera skills over time (actually, I've vastly improved just over the last year), but what I'm really working on is capturing the essence of our lives, not just taking pretty pictures.

I'm still learning this whole blog thing - the photo isn't cropped like this in real life, there's more at the bottom of the pic.

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