Monday, November 07, 2005

Photo of the day November 4: Favorite Things

Connor gathered all of his favorite things to the sofa, so I had to get this photo of him with all of his comfort objects. 1) #1 all-time favorite object = blue blankie, made for him by Gigi. He carries it around reverently in a little round pile, then sets it gently on whatever sofa/bed/carpet he wants to snuggle. 2) His close second favorite object is his right thumb. 3) A fleecy sweatshirt. Connor is in a phase where he prefers soft fleece pajamas to any other clothing. He says, "I want to put on my fur and be a kitty," and likes to be pet while he's wearing his fur. So when he's not wearing his jammies, he's wearing the softest clothing possible, including this "don't lose me red" sweatshirt. 4) Puppy. Connor has to have something soft to snuggle. He's a little fickle on which stuffed animal he loves the most, but Puppy is definitely in the top 5 consistently. 5) A Matchbox car. The purple racecar with yellow flames was his favorite, but since it disappeared at daycare the green van has risen to favorite status.

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