Friday, December 10, 2010

ViPR Dynamic Balance

We all know that balance is an important part of fitness.  It doesn't matter how much you can bench press when you're getting out of your car on an icy morning and need to balance to keep from spilling to the ground!

Dynamic balance is balancing while moving - the kind of balance we use in our daily lives.  Since we're not flamingoes that stand still with one leg in the air for long periods, I prefer to train my classes using dynamic balance movements.  But if a flamingo ever shows up in my class, all bets are off!

Here, my bootcamp partner-in-crime, Kim, shows off a dynamic balance move for the hip and shoulder while holding a 6kg ViPR.  For those not ready to do moving balance while holding weights, simply omit the ViPR and do a smaller range of motion (i.e. don't lean forward).  For those who have mastered the movement with a 6kg ViPR and good range of motion - especially the semi-circle of the hip - the moving leg can be extended higher throughout the semi-circle...or close your eyes...or raise on toe at the beginning and end of the movement... or close your eyes and perform the entire movement while on-toe.  If that's still too easy, try the move in my livingroom while encouraging my eight-year-old to finish his homework and my three-year-old that she really wants to go potty; breathe slowly and keep your heart-rate and voice low.  :-)

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