Sunday, December 12, 2010

Circuit class with ViPR, Lebert Equalizers, step and floor

One of my favorite fitness class formats to teach is a rotational circuit.  It's a great way to introduce equipment and variety into a class without having to have enough of each item for each member.  Today's resistance training circuit was a 5-station circuit using the ViPR, Lebert Equalizers, high steps, and the floor. We did one of each type of exercise for 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest/rotate.  Push, pull, core, legs, anaerobic interval.  3 different circuits, each one done twice, total = 30 minutes of work (plus warm-up, cooldown, stretch).

Circuit 1 (shown on video), PUSH - planks with ViPR lateral drags, PULL - Lebert Equalizer pul-ups, CORE - seated ViPR rotations, LEGS - front squats, INTERVAL - box jumps or basics with member's choice of movement and step height.

Circuit 2 (not shown), PUSH - push-ups using equalizers, PULL - bent-over ViPR rows using high step as bench (one side only), CORE - pilates roll-ups, holding ViPR optional, LEGS - forwared traveling lunges stepping to 2:00 / 10:00, INTERVAL - lateral hops over the step (2-3 risers) or lateral hops on floor.

Circuit 3 (not shown), PUSH - triceps using equalizers, PULL - bent-over ViPR rows on other side, CORE - side planks with abduction, LEGS - one-legged squats or staggered squats, INTERVAL - ViPR flip.

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Lorell said...

How cool that you are sharing your fitness class. That is one quiet group of exercisers..:D I wish I was close enough to attend your must be a great teacher!