Monday, November 29, 2010

ViPRs have arrived in Oregon!

My ViPRs (fitness tools) arrived on Friday!!!
Check out my Tabata class here using ViPRs as part of the circuit. 

They were my second "ViPR Victims" but the first class I filmed.  Tabata is a high-intensity interval class composed of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, times 8 sets to make 1 round.  4 minutes of hard work!  I only have 8 ViPRs so I split class into 3 groups and they rotated between ViPR drills, high-step drills, and plank / gliding drills.  8 rounds of tabata = 64 mini-intervals = high metabolic cost and post-exercise metabolic cost (calorie burn).

I have to admit some trepidation about plunking down $1200 for 8 pieces of functional training equipment. I like to have the newest, coolest, most innovative fitness tools on the market and I research the heck out of stuff before I buy it. So if fitness has a pulse, my finger is on it! But as new as it is, as cool as it looks, $1200 is a lot of money.
I'm so glad I spent the money!!!!! I've debuted them in 4 classes since Friday (and 2 more will see them this evening) and so far everyone has LOVED them!

Two of my exiting TRX classes will be changed to TRX-ViPR and I'm launching an all-ViPR class in Jaunary.  Especially for my long-term TRX members, the ViPR will be beneficial.  As much as I love my TRXs (2 years and 500+ classes with them), when we do something for a long time we get efficient at it.  The ViPR is functional.  It's great cross-training.  And it's kicking my ass, but in a very good way!

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