Saturday, May 15, 2010

Little Green Frog

I caught a little green frog today in our back yard.  Two of them, actually.  I know, I know, girls and women are supposed to think that creepy crawly things are icky and typically I do.  Don't even try to get me within ten feet of a spider!!!  But the frog was small, harmless, and kind of cute. Most importantly, Makena was on the back lawn sitting in her water table (yes, I said "in") splashing happily and I couldn't deny her the educational opportunity of meeting a living, breathing frog.

So, I did what any mother trying to educate a young child would do - I cupped it gently in two hands and carried it over to the water table.  And... like any scrapbooker would do, I hollered plaintively for Connor to bring the camera, quick!!!  He obliged, and what ensued was a delight to watch.  Makena watched the frog hop and swim, leaning way over with her nose while I held her hands so she wouldn't hurt it.  At one point, her right hand was in the same section of the water table as the frog, and it climbed up onto her hand. She thought that was the best thing ever, squealing and smiling.  Connor, bless his seven year old heart, kept shooting and got some TREMENDOUS pictures. Nice work, Connor! I have friends who won't let their kids use even a cheap point and shoot camera but Connor wields our D300 quite well. 

All of the digital scrapbooking supplies are from Jaya Prem's Hangout at Scrappity Doo Dah.  My Lucky Star kit and Date It element pack.  Jaya's Store...

I did manage to stop Makena mere inches from putting the little guy (girl?) in her mouth since she likes to explore with all of her senses.  That photo's so priceless it'll get its own scrapbook page!  I just need to decide whether to title it  "Lunch!" or "Don't eat that!" or "Help!!!" or "And then things went terribly, terribly wrong..." or "A Prince, Perhaps?"

The frog was physically unharmed.  Emotionally, I can't say, but we only played with him for about two minutes and then I put him back in the leaves where I found him.  I even set out a large bowl of water in the shade for him/her/it since it was hot out.


Godelieve said...

Wonderful!! Priceless photos! What a great moment to capture.

Casey Wright said...

Awe! These pics are adorable! And what a cute story!

RealRach said...

Hi! You won the Krystal Hartley Blog Challenge! I need to get your gift but I can't send you a PM through can I contact you? I don't/won't post your gift publicly! LOL

Or you might not have it for long! hahaha CONGRATS!!!

I said...

Why did I not stumble upon your log before? Your writing is delightful, indeed!

* begins to read up archives *

Helena said...

That is so cute! I know we have frogs around here (I can hear them!) but I've never seen one.