Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Row Row" and other little miracles

Yesterday, Moo went to toddler group at early intervention.  They have a little rowboat there for the kids to sit in, and she loved it.  She and another child sat in the boat and we'd sing the song, "Row row row your boat...." and clap when it was over.  In order to get more rowing, they had to sign or say "more."  Makena upped the ante by saying her version of "Row row!" for the first time.  We'd clap and woo hoo and she'd sing, "Row row!" with a big grin.  I got a short video on my phone and she enjoyed re-watching it as I showed the video to her daddy.

This morning, we were upstairs working on laundry since Friday's house-cleaner day and Thursday's run-around-the-house-and-put-everything-away day.  I found a bouncy chair that she'd used as a baby and got it out for her.  It's rated 25 pounds and she's 22 so I figured she may as well get more use out of it since she loves things that vibrate (yet another thing explained by her speech therapist - the vibration helps her sense her limbs and muscles, part of the whole low-tone thing that often goes with Down syndrome).

She lay back in the chair, body straight, and bounced it a little.  Then she held on tighter with both hands and rammed her back against it harder so it would rock more.  And she said, "Row row!" just like she'd said yesterday while rocking.  Spontaneous, relevant, clear, speech!  I clapped and repeated the words, and took turns singing, "Row row!" 

This is big news.  Good news.  Make-mommy-tear-up good news.

Our little Moo shares these little miracles and her unbounded joy with us every day.  We're so lucky to have her and Con.

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