Sunday, October 27, 2013

3-2-1 class revisited.

Here is a quick example of one of my 3-2-1 classes.  The second set of exercises is in the video

Warm up

"3" - one minute each of push-ups, one-armed band rows, band squats (rotated groups)
"2" - one minute each of lateral shuffles + air jump rope and front/back jogs + jacks
"1" - squat jumps

45 second reset, then repeat the first 3-2-1 with one-armed rows on the other side and a different hand position for the push-ups (I like to stagger hands)

"3" - one minute each of triceps dips, band walks for glute med/min, plank balances with Bender Ball
"2" - one minute each of partner shuffles forward / back and partner bob/weave
"1" - one minute of partner jumping high fives

45 second reset, then repeat second set of "3" exercises with plank balance on the other side (opposite arm and leg lifted from first time), band walks in opposite direction.  Note:  skip the "2" and the "1."

One round of Tabata

90 second rest and everyone grab mats, one-legged balance + rotation challenge to give additional heart-rate to come down.

Shorter round of 3-2-1, 30 second intervals

"3" one legged supine bridges for hams/glutes (both sides), then held bridges heels up/down/up/down
"2" plank + down to forearms then back up (both sides)
"1" plank mountain climbers

Final cooldown and stretch.

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