Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zumba choreography for "Banana" MM22

It's been a whirlwind few months so the blog got a bit ignored.  ViPR and TRX are going great but today's post is about my new adventure, ZUMBA!  I took the B1 licensing course in early January and started teaching 2 weeks later.  Love it, and my classes have been loving it, too.  Here's a routine I made up to the song called, "Banana," my way of sharing choreo with fellow ZINs.

Counted in 8's

Intro (4x8):  Toe taps front, (this is my low impact version of basic front calypso step)

"Banana" verse (7x8):  2-3 bars of front calypso with no arms, 4-5 bars of front calypso with arm swings forward as foot comes forward.  Get ready to switch moves when you hear singer say, "Oh!"

"Que Pas!" (4x8), Grapevine right and left, grapevine with full turns right and left (turn optional), grapevine R & L no turn, grapevines with turns.

"Jemma Po" (4x8)  I don't know if that's what's being said, but that's how I hear it.  Double stomp right (step out to right and sway hip to right 1, close 2, out 3, in 4), double stomp right (out left 5, close 6, out 7, close 8).  4 sets R&L total.

"Que Pas!"  (4x8)  as written above

"Jemma Po" (2x8)  As written above, but only 2 sets of 8

"Hey!" on 3  (3x8)  Bend over into tuck position and pull arms in 1,2, and jump out wide 3 on "Hey!", box step 5,6,7,8.  Three times

After the heys (4x8)  4-count shuffles to make a box  (shuffle, turn & shuffle, turn & shuffle, turn & shuffle).  2 full boxes

"Hey!" on 3  (3x8) As written above

After the heys (4x8)  As written above

"Quoi!"  (4x8) Shake it 1,2,3,4, pivot turn 5,6,7,8.  Four times

"Ring-a-ding" (5x8)  Single single double hip sways to the side with varying arms.

"Que Pas!"  (4x8)  Grapevines as written above.

"Jemma Po" (4x8)  Double stomps as written above.

"Que pas!" (4x8)  Grapevines

"Jemma Po" (2x8)  Double stomps as written above but only 2 sets

"Hey on 3"  (3x8) Tuck in, jump wide, box step as written above, 3 times.

After the Heys (4x8)  4-count shuffles to make a box as written above.

"Que pas!"  (2x8)  2 sets of grapevines as music starts to fade, grapevine, turn, finish pose.


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Norma Miranda said...

Hi my name is Norma, I've been looking for the "banana" song, but have not been able to find it. Do you have it? You can reach me on my email.