Monday, December 21, 2009

Our weekend's big news....DD stood up!!!

DD stood up by herself without pulling up on anything for the first time!!!  Woo hoo!!!  This is huge.  Beyond huge.  Stratospheric, really. 

It's started lately with her wanting to see what's up on various counters, which she's been trying out for a couple of weeks.  She pulls up onto the bathroom counter and tries to get my hairbrush or whatever she can feel while patting around with one hand and holding with the other. If anything's near the edge (like the brush), she can just see the handle and reaches for it.  She can't see what's on them but she can just barely touch the kitchen counters and was particularly interested in them while I was making Christmas cookies.

So yesterday while Clint was at the gym and I was fixing her lunch, she crawled into the kitchen and tried to stand up before plopping onto her butt.  I thought the first time could be a fluke.  She's tried this a couple of times before with days between attempts and then moves on.  But then she did it a second time for me. I clapped and made a big deal over it but she didn't want to do it again once I sprinted for the camera (she'd already given me a photo shoot earlier in the weekend by climbing into the bathtub with her jammies still on while I was getting her towel and clothes together so I guess I'd reached her tolerance limit for the flash).

Later on while I was at yoga, she did her standing trick for Clint and Connor a couple of times.

Today, when I dropped her off at preschool, I told one of her teachers about her newly developing skill.  When I picked her up, the same teacher was beaming and said, "She did it for me, too!"

And tonight, we proved indubitably that it is not a fluke.  She stood up, with three family witnesses, for several seconds.  And we got it on video.

I'll have to give her a day or two before I get the flash out for another photo shoot...  :-)


Lorell said...

How exciting that she stood on her own!! Woo hoo!

Godelieve said...

That's happy news ♥